A hippie's daughter

August 2013

When It’s Good, It’s Good

August 31

I’m kind of obsessed with my new hat that I scored from Target. I literally couldn’t wait to wear it, and barely 24 hours went by until I did. These are my absolute favorite jeans I own,  they’re so good and fit...

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Rainy Day //

August 28

The fact that it has been overcast and raining for a few of the days this past week in Las Vegas, is enough of a reason to get out in the street and do happy rain dance. Okay, I didn’t actually do...

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Suede Tote

August 26

I got this red suede studded tote from Topshop on sale a few months ago but have yet to wear it. So happy I finally did, because I love it! I’ve come to realize that my favorite style of purse when I’m...

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Black & White

August 25

Images by Oracle Fox, They All Hate Us, Loveandsqualorlove.blogspot.com, and Icanread.tumblr.com...

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Weekly Favorites

August 24

Ring by Natalie B Pullover by Sundry Shirt by Rails...

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August 23

Another day, another bohemian/hippie/ethnic inspired dress. If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that I love a good dress like this, or anything with embroidery on it. When I’m not wearing skinny jeans, this is what I’m happy in. I’m obsessed...

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Marc Jacobs Beauty

August 21

Let August 19, 2013 be known from now on, as the day Lauren Wright, of A Hippie’s Daughter, met Marc Jacobs. Just kidding, you don’t have to mark that in your calendars, or even remember it, but I certainly will for as...

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August 20

Even though it’s a million degrees outside still, and even though I said I was finished wearing skinny jeans until it cooled down, I can’t help myself, and still wear an outfit like this a couple times a week. I just can’t...

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Weekly Favorites

August 18

Tartan bag by The Cambridge Satchel Company Dramatic cape shirt by Asos Bracelet by The 2 Bandits Distressed skinny jeans by AG Sunglasses by Peekabooda...

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August 17

As much as I love this kimono for its print and colors and fabric, I almost love it more because I got it for $5 at H & M. It’s so beautiful and I wear it so often, and when I do,...

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