A hippie's daughter

September 2013

Over The Rainbow

September 30

My daughter recently had her second birthday, and we held her party at our house. Each birthday party we’ve thrown has been held at home, which brings my total to six parties that I have planned and decorated. I really love doing...

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Fall Layers

September 27

Just like that, the weather has changed in Vegas, and my whining over the heat is finally over. Rejoice with me now. It is so perfect outside, cool, with a slight breeze, which means I can finally wear layers and all of...

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Addicted To Plaid

September 25
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I’ve never met a plaid shirt that I didn’t like, and I feel like I could wear one every day. Whether I layer them, or buttoned up, or tied around my waist, they are one of the biggest staples in my closet. ...

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B Is For Birkenstock

September 24

I personally loved Birkenstocks when they were big in the 90’s, and I wore mine religiously and happily. Perhaps you hated them the first time, and thought they should never be “in,” in the first place. If you are that person, now...

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September 22

Love the watercolor/tie dye print on this long dress, and also love the high slit in the middle, which makes it super flowy. I know that’s not a word, but I use it when describing flowy dresses like this one. Like I’ve stated a...

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\\ What I’m Pinning //

September 20

they all hate us vogue apartmentf15 etsy theyallhateus amber interiors free people who what wear man repeller they all hate us they all hate us they all hate us jaclynpaige jacqlynpaige murray mitchell...

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On Repeat

September 19

I’ve posted about this kimono before, but I can’t help but doing another entry about it. Not sure if I’m breaking some fashion blogger code of ethics, but I don’t care. It’s too good to not post it again. I wish I had...

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Fifty Shades Of Grey

September 18

I bet when you read this title, you thought this was going to be about something entirely different than a grey cardigan dress, huh? Or maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about, and perhaps have been living under a rock. Or...

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Quilted Patches

September 17

I have a weakness for anything quilted, so I fell in love with these leggings with leather quilted patches on the knees. I don’t usually like colored leggings, but because of the quilted detail, I really like them. I have a busy...

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Single Sole

September 15

An evening out for A Communities in Schools event, called for simple skinny jeans, a buttoned up blouse, and a classic pair of single sole pumps. I’ve had these pumps for so long, and worn them countless times, and they never fail...

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