A hippie's daughter

November 2013

The Cape

November 27

There’s something about a cape. Especially a fancy cape. It could be the dressed up cousin to the kimono. Can’t you just see this cape going somewhere super fun? Like a New Years Eve party? We always do NYE at home, but...

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Kimono Giveaway

November 26

Who wants to win this amazing kimono? I know I would. If you do, check out my friend’s and my instagrams. @ahippiesdaughter and @freebirdcollection. You could win it for yourself, or with the holidays almost here, you could be the nicest person...

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rain boots and pretty leaves

November 24

I really love when it rains in Las Vegas, because not only do I enjoy rainy days, but I love wearing my wellies that are actually serving their intended purpose, and not just for my love of how they look. Wearing rain...

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

November 21

Images from They All Hate Us, Crush Cul de Sac and Pinterest   ...

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Leopard & Stripes

November 20

Mixing prints. Again. I can’t help it, it’s one of my favorite things to do. This jacket is vintage faux fur, and one of my best scores ever. EVER. Every year, towards the end of the summer when I am so ready...

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November 18

Totally in love with this patchwork flannel. It’s so warm and cozy, and much thicker than any of my other plaid shirts. The lace details on the sides make it even more special. It’s nice that it’s actually cold enough to wear...

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Fur Real

November 15

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m pretty obsessed with faux fur. Long jackets, short ones, vests, all of it. All faux of course. Real fur is just definitely not for me. (I thought about doing a pun there, but decided against...

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November 13

I have a huge crush on oxford shoes, of both the flat and heeled variety. My crush actually involves brogues, and bluchers as well, but I’ll stick to discussing these super high, three tone, cap toe oxfords right now. Since I’m so...

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One Of A Kind

November 8

I think I dreamed of this clutch before I ever even laid eyes upon it. It’s my dream boho bag, I’m so obsessed with it and I will cherish it forever. I really love one of a kind pieces, especially if they...

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Grandpa Sweaters

November 5

This might not look exactly like a real grandpa sweater, but it reminded me of one, so what can I say? It’s cocoon like, and cozy and warm and made me feel protected. Exactly like a grandpa should be, right? It also...

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