A hippie's daughter

December 2013

Peacoat And Lots Of Denim

December 30

Peacoats are one of my favorite types of jackets. There’s something just so amazing about them. Is it their shape, or warm material, or perfect round gold buttons? I think all of the above, but I’m partial to the buttons. And, I’m...

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Heavy Jewels

December 28

I’ve had this necklace for such a long time and it’s a shame that I don’t wear it as much as I should. I have always loved it, but I really don’t wear too much jewelry, (i.e; heavy) jewelry when doing my...

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Feeling Festive

December 26

I think one of the best ways to get dressed is to combine things that contrast. Leather and lace. Stripes and plaid. Beanies and a statement necklace. It just usually always works, and I love the outcome. Often, combining something quickly or...

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Mixing It Up

December 23

It’s been a little bit since my last pattern mixing entry, so here is a new one for you. Nothing too different, I clearly love mixing patterns, and plaid and stripes are one of my go-tos. However, this outfit is a tad...

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Just Add Layers

December 19

I like to think of this jacket as my Jimi Hendrix jacket. I’m pretty obsessed with it. But when we shot these pictures, my husband compared me to a matador against this red wall instead of the musical icon, so that was...

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Embroidered Shirts and Embellished Bags

December 16

Here I bring to you a little cream lace, embroidered onto army green shirt, over striped tee number. And one of my most favorite Free People bags ever. Ever. Love the patterns and colors, and size and shape, but really, what I...

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Outfit Of The Day

December 15

Denim on denim for an instagram #ootd Earl Jean jacket, other options here, here, and here| Zara tee | Paige jeans, or here | Hunter boots | BDG beanie, or here or here |...

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Something Very Addictive

December 12

I’ve been staying away from Zara lately, because it’s like a black hole of amazingness (albeit mostly knock offs), and it has the ability to burn a hole in your wallet faster than you can say Inditex. But, when picking up a...

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What The Doctor Ordered

December 10

My husband tells me that he loves when I wear my Dr. Martens because it’s what I was wearing when we met as teenagers. I actually don’t even remember that detail, but to hear that he does is enough to make me...

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The Coat

December 9

The coat is everywhere this season, and while it’s nothing new in fashion, it is exciting all the same. I have a love affair with all things related to outerwear, and my theory is that since I live in a city where...

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