A hippie's daughter

February 2014

Dress Over Jeans

February 27

I don’t wear that much pink, in fact I could probably count on both hands the amount of pink pieces I own. However, I am a huge fan of the boxy shape, and a boxy shaped chunky knit in one of the...

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The Shoes

February 25

The shoes. The shoes are usually, pretty much always everything, right? I mean, as a collective of the fairer sex, isn’t that what we learned from Ms. Carrie Bradshaw herself? And hasn’t it always actually been imprinted in our genetic makeup long...

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It’s In The Buckles

February 22

I have had this vintage dress for a while now, but until recently it’s been too cold to wear it. But with the current spring-is-just-around-the-corner weather, it’s finally the perfect time to wear it with a jacket and boots. And, since it...

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The Onion Look

February 21

When I wear varying lengths of layers like this, my husband calls it my onion look, so it’s a phrase that has stuck now. I love it because it keeps your eyes searching for where one piece and layer ends, and another...

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Vintage Inspired

February 17

I’ve been on a bit of a sartorial sabbatical and all I want to wear are cut offs and tee shirts, loose dresses and sandals, and preferably be on a beach somewhere. None of that is happening, just so you know. I’m...

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February 14

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, FRIENDS! XOXO   H & M jacket or here | Ebony Eve shirt | BDG jeans or here | Zara shoes, or here or here | Chanel clutch and bracelet |...

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February 12

This dress is my first piece from Reformation, and I really love all of their silhouettes and patterns. And, since this dress is floral, I wanted to add something to toughen it up, like a moto jacket. Love to clash and mix...

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NYFW Part One

February 10

New York Fashion Week began last Thursday for the Fall/Winter 2014 collections, so here is a roundup of just some of my favorites up until now. So much amazing-so much talent. I noticed a lot of oversized overcoats and layering. I wish...

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Shop Small

February 9

So happy to feature Freebird Collection, for this week’s ‘Shop Small.’ She is a friend of mine, and I’ve known her for many years. Besides all of that though, the pieces that she carries in her online boutique are perfectly selected and...

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Buffalo Check, Please

February 6

What’s better than a loud red coat with oversized black buffalo checks and giant pockets? In my opinion, not much, but maybe you’re not into large buffalo checks, or plaid in general, and if that’s the case, you’ve come to the wrong...

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