A hippie's daughter

March 2014

The Swing Jacket

March 31

This jacket, this bridge. Two things I really love. My husband and I were away for a friend’s wedding, and we went exploring around the town a bit and came across this bridge while looking for an orchard. (Remember, my husband’s a...

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Weekly Favorites

March 29

When I first started my blog, I had a post that ran once a week with some of my favorites. I’ve decided to bring it back, so I hope you enjoy! Let me know if there is anything in particular you would...

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These Boots Were Made For Walking

March 27

Since the day that I purchased my birthday boots, I have worn them nearly every day, making my cost per wear exactly where it should be and making me more than happy with my birthday splurge. I wear them with everything, they...

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Varying Lengths

March 25

I don’t usually wear that many skirts, and I will almost always choose a dress or pants over one. But, I thought this one that I’ve had would pair well with this short boxy eyelet top, to mix up the lengths. Anytime...

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High And Low

March 22

I think some of the best looks are made by mixing high and low pieces. I will always choose and wear something based off of its design and aesthetic, regardless of the brand. If I like it, I’ll wear it. I’m constantly...

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Borrowed From The Boys

March 21

One of the many many reasons why it’s awesome to be married, or to live with a boy is to borrow their clothes. Duh. Not like I need it, but just by being married, I’ve increased my wardrobe by 10%. I “borrow”...

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The Shirt Dress

March 18

I’ve been looking for a good shirt dress for a while and wasn’t having much luck finding one that wasn’t going to break the bank. But then I found one from Zara, which made me happy and sad at the same time....

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March 13

These overall shorts have been hanging in my closet taunting me with their cuteness for a month now because it’s been too cold to wear them and have a jacket cover up the amazing circle ring in the back. But, as I...

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Isabel’s World

March 11

If there had to be just one designer defining the right now fashion generation, it would be Isabel Marant. She can do no wrong, and every single piece that she makes is like a dreamy breath of fresh air from heaven. I...

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Blue Suede Boots

March 7

Things that usually jump out at me are pieces that have a unique quality about them, something with a little extra detail. These boots are totally that with their scallop edge, wooden heel and asymmetrical opening. And the color is such a...

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