A hippie's daughter

July 2014

Fly Away

July 28

So in love with this floral kimono that it makes me want to leap around and do twirls and just have fun in it. I see this one going to a beach location to wear over your swimsuit, or as a robe,...

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Messy Hair And Thirsty Hearts

July 24

  All images via┬áPinterest  ...

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Pool Days

July 22

One of my favorite things about having a blog is finding fun places to shoot. When I saw a boarded up, old abandoned apartment complex, I knew I wanted to try to find a way in. When we were able to, it...

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July 18

  A few things about this outfit : 1. New favorite dress, for a variety of reasons including a) embroidery–duh, b) boxy shape plus pockets, and c) colors, which is mostly white, plus black and red stitching. 2. I highly enjoy wearing...

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Faking It

July 15

As much as I wish I could always buy the real version of something that I love, it’s not always a realistic or responsible choice. The piece that I cannot stop thinking about usually means I will save up for it and...

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July 9

Without a doubt the color I gravitate towards most is white. Some people say it’s a shade and not a color, but regardless, it’s my favorite. It’s clean and fresh and happy and I swoon over any and all things white. It’s...

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Vintage Denim

July 7

If denim shorts are synonymous with summer, then distressed cutoffs are synonymous with California girls and summer. And although I am not a California girl, they still are pretty much the only kind of shorts I wear. Especially if those distressed cutoffs...

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July 2

Some favorites to have a festive Independence Day. 1 | Free People American scarf 2 | Chaser tank 3 | LNA tank 4 | Stone Cold Fox romper 5 | Finders Keepers dress 6 | Ray-Ban aviators 7 | Line & Dot...

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