A hippie's daughter

September 2014

Fancy Pants

September 24

By now you probably get the fact that I’m a fan of skinny jeans. So if you add any type of embellishment or embroidery or little dots of shimmery gold fun, it’s almost 100% guaranteed that a good time will be had....

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Dark Denim

September 20

There are some things that are just worth collecting when it comes to clothing. Black, white and boho dresses, good jeans and cut-off shorts, soft tee shirts especially in white, jewelry and sunglasses and plaid and denim shirts. And shoes, obviously. But good...

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Weekly Favorites

September 17

  1 | This bar cart. Because bar carts are fun and make you feel like a grown up. That is if you want to feel like one, which sometimes I don’t. 2 | These fun sunnies 3 | This dress 4...

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Mixing Metals

September 12

Are you all about the gold, or all about the silver? Not really one of life’s important questions, but usually a defining characteristic in the sartorial world of jewelry. Because you will probably fall into one of those columns and stick with...

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Here Comes The Sun

September 10

I’ve never met an embellished vest I didn’t like. That might be an exaggeration because I’m sure I’ve passed some ugly ones along the way somewhere, but you get my point. I’m a sucker for them. This one is a really happy...

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So Holy

September 5

I believe if it really comes down to it, there are two types of fashion girls. The type who gravitate towards the more lived in look, the one who doesn’t mind in the least about a hole or two here or there,...

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Eighties Child

September 3

Being a child of the 80’s, I fall hard for a lot of things that have any resemblance of that decade in any way. With this Chaser tee, it was the neon colors and font that made me nostalgic for my childhood...

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