A hippie's daughter

October 2014

Like Leather

October 23

I wasn’t a skirt type of girl for many years, but have been liking them more and more lately. I’m more of a pick-a-dress or pick-some-pants type of girl. Don’t ask me why, because I honestly don’t know the answer. Skirts are...

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Apron Dresses

October 18

It always seems silly to me to be wearing summery dresses when it should be fall weather, and cold weather clothing is what should be worn. Pumpkin patches have been set up for weeks and trick-or-treating with my kids is only thirteen...

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Under The Willow Tree

October 15

Before shooting this gown, heels were always a part of the plan. But I quickly changed my mind when I stepped onto the grass for two reasons. 1. My heels would only sink and walking around would be nearly impossible. 2. Walking...

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Weekly Favorites

October 12

  1 | This ring 2 | This tinted moisturizer¬† 3 | This dress 4 | This crochet bag 5 | ¬†This vest 6 | This coat 7 | These wood glasses 8 | This lotion  ...

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Sun Flare

October 8

One thing I love as much as kimonos, is photography with some sun flare. It’s kind of my favorite and it is images with that beautiful light that I have always been drawn to. And since I’ve always loved it, when we...

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The Higher The Better

October 4

When it comes to heels, I’m a big believer in the higher the better. I’m really petite, so I am not a fan of the kitten heel or anything shorter than 3 inches. If I’m putting in the effort of actually wearing...

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Fall Inspo

October 1

  Header image via Pinterest...

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