A hippie's daughter

November 2014

Sweaters And Stripes

November 30

The lack of ┬áposts recently means it’s the holiday season and my sister and my nephews and niece have been in town. Which means lots of fun family time and not a lot of blogging. Which is fine by me because in...

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November 19

First of all, a cold weather post. Finally. Jackets and layers and boots and yes. Second point I’d like to discuss : these stacked wooden heel boots. Which are a big big yes in my book. I live for boots. Live for...

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Chasing The Sun

November 14

Some boho pieces have a story to tell, even before they’re worn and go anywhere. You see them for the first time and automatically have a vision of what they’re all about. This little piece took a trip to the Las Vegas...

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November 7

I recently went to Tulum in Mexico for one of my best friend’s 30th birthday. It was the most magical place I’ve ever been to and I’m already dreaming of the day when I can go back. The white sand beaches and...

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November 1

As summer is finally winding down in Las Vegas, it is finally time to stop wearing summer dresses and to finally start wearing the layers and fall pieces that so desperately want to be worn. This post however, is not about those...

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