A hippie's daughter

December 2014

Some Overalls

December 30

One of the first posts I wrote when I started my blog was asking the question that most, if not all of us ladies have pondered : should I purchase / wear a pair of overalls? If you, like me, do not...

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Faux Chaps

December 22

While real chaps of the western variety are not something I have ever worn or ever plan to wear, faux leather and denim chaps of the Siwy variety are something I will wear and often. A little bit of denim and a...

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Drop It

December 15

The Drop Crotch Pant. They’re either cut with the right amount of fabric where you or I can hopefully rock them, or they’re cut with way too much fabric and you look like you’re wearing a giant soggy diaper in only your...

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Make It Sparkle

December 11

December seems to be the month for lots of sparkly things, and even though I would wear this beaded shift dress at any time of any year, the holiday season seems the most appropriate time to break it in. People love a...

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& Other Stories

December 8

I came across a new favorite online store a few weeks ago, & Other Stories, and spent some time scouring their entire site and decided quickly that this was a good place to stumble upon. I really fell in love with these...

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