A hippie's daughter

January 2015

Jackets And Shoes

January 27

There are pieces that I love, and then there are pieces that I really love. I mean, really, like really really. This jacket that I’ve had for years falls into that category. I’m slightly obsessed with jackets in the army green color,...

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Sun Beams and Tees

January 21

If I could count the ways that I love this asymmetrical tee shirt dress, it would have multiple pros and zero cons. For one, it’s super versatile, which we all know I love. Worn alone in the summer, a la this previous...

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Weekly Favorites

January 17

  1 | This gold necklace 2 | This bikini – my favorite ever. 3 | This ripped jacket 4 | This fringe bag 5 | These sunglasses 6 | These lace up sandals   7 | These jeans   8 |...

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January 14

I’d like to start off by stating the obvious fact that I am not currently listed in the U.S. Air Force. Or that I ever was, clearly. And I would also like to state that I mean no disrespect to anyone that...

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Palm Trees and Fur

January 8

This post has nothing but blue skies and sunshine and palm trees and fringe and faux fur in it. And my favorite bright white studded booties in the history of all time favorites. All good things right? Right. But real talk is...

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High Waisted

January 5

I love some good high waisted denim, especially if they’re also of the straight leg variety. A lot of the time a high waisted jean will be of the flared or bell-bottomed variety, and while I do love that shape occasionally, they’re...

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