A hippie's daughter

March 2015

The Perfect Tee

March 25

I have been living in this tee shirt, and after pairing it with this skirt and these heels, I have come to the conclusion that it goes with every single thing and it is literally perfect. Being on the constant hunt for...

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Shibori Poncho

March 23

I’m a huge fan of shibori, and I’m a huge fan of ponchos, so when I found a shibori poncho, I was happy to say the least. When I found this one online however, I thought it was hemmed at least a...

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Capes and Red Lace

March 18

Capes are kind of one of the most fun things you can wear in my opinion, and I love when I get to wear this one, and always wonder why I don’t wear it more often. I would totally be more excited...

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A Little Bit Of Tulum

March 12

The lack of posts in the recent week following my birthday is due to me getting sick and literally being sick on my birthday. Lame. After a twenty four hour bug, I got better but then proceeded to have a stream of...

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Thirty One

March 4

I’m not the type of girl to shy away from stating my age. I turned 31 years old today, and I have no problem saying it. I think of thirty one years of a happy and fulfilled life. I’m starting to get...

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Denim & Short Shorts

March 2

Let me start off this post by stating that I am in fact wearing something under this ripped denim jacket. You just can’t really tell in some of the photos. Albeit they’re short shorts, but regardless, they are there. When I first...

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