A hippie's daughter

May 2015

Vintage x Vintage

May 30

I found this vintage sweatshirt from one of my favorite babe’s shop on Instagram, and have worn it so many times already. It’s the perfect vintage piece, from the graphics, to the color, to the faded writing on the inside of it...

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Ace + Jig

May 25

Ace + Jig is one of my favorite brands because I love their bright fun colors and patterns and soft fabric. And since I love plaid and flannel so much, when I saw this gauzy lightweight plaid top I was in love....

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Tent Dresses

May 19

You may or may not like trapeze dresses because they may or may not make you look like you’re pregnant when you are in fact not, but I say who cares, go ahead and be proud of your muumuu dress and your...

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Cut Offs And Flowy Tops

May 15

When I say that I love white flowy tops, it’s an understatement. I mean, I really really really love them. I always always have. I remember being little, reading my mom’s magazines and spying a white flowy top and wanting it so...

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May 11

My blog turned two years old yesterday. Which is kind of crazy to me, because my one year anniversary felt like yesterday and launching it feels like it was just a few months ago. Two whole years, where so much has happened...

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May 5

I love anything that has a little extra detail, so this denim top really got my attention with the frayed edges. I’ve always been a big fan of ripped denim (duh), so naturally I paired the ripped top with my most tattered...

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