A hippie's daughter

July 2015

Feeling Blue

July 31

I really love when a favorite brand that specializes in one certain area, shows that they can do more than just that one field. That is exactly what this dress says to me, because we all know that One Teaspoon makes some...

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July 22

Clearly it was a super windy day the day we shot this embroidered red dress, which sometimes makes for good hair and clothes, but other times just makes your hair cover your face and get stuck in your lip gloss. The latter...

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Two Piece

July 12

I’m not too much of a skirt type of girl, and certainly not a crop top kind of girl. I will almost always choose jeans over a skirt, and a dress over jeans even more so. But once in a while some...

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Purple Haze

July 7

I’m not a purple person. It is one of the colors on the spectrum that I gravitate towards least when it comes to clothing. I don’t hate it, but it’s not my favorite. Lighter colors, the lavenders and lilacs of the purple...

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Butterfly Kisses

July 1

I went stomping around the desert recently during golden hour in my new go-to dress. Sometimes you just need to be in the desert while the sun is setting. It’s quiet and peaceful and therapeutic. I guess it was more like walking...

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