A hippie's daughter

August 2015

Fly Away

August 28

Two things are obvious about me by now : I love high heels, and I love butterflies. So clearly, when those two things combine, it is excitement of epic proportions. If you’ve ever seen any of the shoes designed by the amazing...

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Flouncy Checks

August 24

It is still super hot in Las Vegas, so shorts and lightweight tops are the norm. Anything with too much more fabric than that causes over-heating and pretty much misery. I’m starting to dream of the cold days filled with jeans and...

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Not So Mellow Yellow

August 13

I have always had a weakness for yellow dresses. There’s something about a yellow sundress that makes me insanely happy. It reminds me of summer and sun and warmth and all the usual things that brings a smile to people’s face. But...

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Black And Blue

August 7

One of the constant questions being asked in the sartorial world is : “can you wear blue and black together?” I’m kind of being sarcastic but kind of serious. I have read and seen fashion magazines and websites offering their opinions countless times...

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