A hippie's daughter

December 2015

Last Day, New Year

December 31

December 31, 2015-┬áthe last day and the last post of the year calls for some faux fur and high heels. And while I plan on elaborating on those two things shortly, I first need to elaborate on the fact that it’s about...

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Caping It

December 23

One of my favorite and believe it or not most versatile coats to wear is the cape. Not sure if the cape is actually defined as a coat, or is in fact a coat / poncho / parka, so I’ll just say...

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The Perfect Red

December 16

It might be 45 degrees outside, but that doesn’t really deter me from wearing the perfect shade of red lace up heels. I was totally warm in the sun even with my exposed ankles and feet. That might be an exaggeration, and...

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