A hippie's daughter

February 2016

Beaded jackets

February 27

I love this time of year. It’s getting warmer, it’s not freezing, and it’s not yet the horrible hot Vegas summer. It’s the perfect mid seventies, where you can wear shorts and not be cold but yet also wear beaded jackets and...

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Aquazzura x Poppy Delevingne

February 20

One of my absolute most favorite style icon, girl crushes in the whole world is the blonde hair, blue eyed, never ever gets it wrong, Ms. Poppy Delevingne. (Her sister Cara is just as rad, obviously). She’s just one of “those” girls....

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Clunky Boots + Sweaters

February 14

While it starts to warm up a little bit in Vegas, it becomes acceptable to wear a thick sweater without a jacket and be totally okay. Even if that sweater has big holes in it. Honestly, I’m not so much of a...

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Iro And Calypso

February 3

This iridescent kimono was so shimmery and pretty in the sun (as well as out of the sun) but since it’s winter and cold temperatures, it’s just not kimono wearing season. So pairing it with an Iro leather biker jacket was the...

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