A hippie's daughter

April 2016

White + Black

April 29

Windy days means hair in my face and my billowy top all over the place. Just sitting on an abandoned apartment complex stairs thinking bout life. Seriously obsessed with reflector sunglasses – all the colors, all the shapes. Even though I love...

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April 24

I love when I find old things in my closet that I kinda had forgotten about and then actually wear it and be happy that I’ve held onto it. This top is that piece. It’s loose and boxy which I love, so...

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The Bomber

April 4

I’m pretty obsessed with bomber jackets, but I’m super obsessed with this one. Because, the back. And the flowers. And if there’s one thing that’s a great piece to buy right now, it’s a bomber jacket. I’m the most in love with...

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