Burgundy Suede Boots

February 2

I have a confession. My confession is that I’m over winter and am counting down the days until summer. Being a Las Vegas native, I feel silly for saying that since the summer months are scorching, but it’s true. I am over winter. In fact, I was over winter before it ever even arrived. However, these burgundy suede boots and this white hooded coat have me tolerating it more than I would if they did not exist in my closet. The color of these boots is oh-so-dreamy, AMIRIGHT??? And what makes them even more perfect, is that they are the most most most comfortable too. To me, winter is all about the boots and the jackets, so even though I’m not feeling it right now, I’m still in love with this bright white coat. I might be dreaming of summer while I’m wearing it, but I’m still obsessed with it nonetheless.

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5 Responses

  1. where are the boots from? it doesn’t say :(

  2. I love these boots, the color is so cool !
    And your coat ! Perfect !