Chasing The Sun

November 14

Some boho pieces have a story to tell, even before they’re worn and go anywhere. You see them for the first time and automatically have a vision of what they’re all about. This little piece took a trip to the Las Vegas desert mountains while we ran after the setting sun, and then to Tulum. So I think it’s safe to say that it has already fulfilled its gypsy potential and everywhere else will now just be an added bonus. As much as I love boots in the cold season, I also really love them with dresses, especially these ones from Madewell. Who are really really good boot makers in my opinion. They’re actually good everything makers, but I’m a sucker for their shoes.

Life has been nonstop busy lately, so getting out to do a really fun shoot is always fun, especially when it involves chasing the sun in gypsy dresses. It’s such a magical time of day and definitely a favorite time for photography.

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Jen’s Pirate Booty dress | Madewell boots | Sunglasses

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  1. Barbara molasky

    Beautiful dress, scenery, lighting and girl