Varying Lengths

March 25

I don’t usually wear that many skirts, and I will almost always choose a dress or pants over one. But, I thought this one that I’ve had would pair well with this short boxy eyelet top, to mix up the lengths. Anytime I can add a belt at my true waist puts me in a sartorially happy mood. Except for when your belt is too tight and especially if you need to sit down for long increments of time. Then it is no longer happiness that you feel, but rather plain old discomfort and you count down the minutes until you can take off the belt that once made you so pleased. At least that’s me anyway. But that wasn’t the case here, and I was happy to be wearing said belt plus a feminine skirt. And getting out of my comfort zone a bit and wearing those skirts that I hardly ever wear is good for the soul every now and then.

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Asos skirt and shoes, similar here and here | Zara top, or here | Gypsy Junkies belt, similar | Chanel bag | Jennifer Zuener moon necklace, or here |

Photos by Danielle DeBruno

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8 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Looks great on you!!!!

  2. steven molasky

    An old hippie thinks she’s cool, calm and collected.