Fuzzy Bomber

January 25

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I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite local stores in Las Vegas, The Bungalow, which offers such a great service and something all women have wanted at some point in their lives. Probably around the time where we’re tearing our closets apart stating that we have absolutely nothing to wear. You could have a personal stylist who just boxes up amazing pieces of clothing that you’re probably going to love, ships it directly to you so that you can then try everything on in your own home and keep only the items you want to purchase. Everything else goes back in the box with the shipping label and easy return instructions. It’s kind of a genius idea and super accommodating and stress-free. I know that if this fuzzy bear like bomber jacket showed up on my doorstep, it would definitely be staying with me, along with the soft tee shirts and rad denim that came along with it.

Chaser jacket
David Lerner leggings
Dolce Vita boots
Wonderland sunglasses

Tell me what you think!

2 Responses

  1. Barbara

    You are just so cool!!!

  2. Barbara

    Looks so cozy