golden hour

June 23

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Kind of proud of this little temporary scar on my arm in this photo. A fun adventure was had that earned me that mark, so why photoshop it out of the picture?

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Golden hour, a dry lake bed and a flowing dress. Very much my style, and something that has been floating through my mind lately and something I wanted to create. I have been in the process of redirecting my path and my creative outlook and getting into more writing projects and behind the scenes styling. I will continue to post my own little fashion stories on here, but creating something for a bigger picture is always something I’ve been drawn to. It’s what inspires me. I really don’t consider myself a ‘fashion blogger,’ nor is it something I aspire to be. My entire career has been in fashion, since I was eighteen years old and started my own clothing line. Fashion runs through my veins and is much more to me than Instagram #OOTD posts. I just want to create some cool stuff that I like, and share this journey with you in some new ways. But in the meantime, the way the sun hit the gold sequins on this dress as the sun set over the desert … magic.

Wearing : Free People dressConverse leather sneakers

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  1. 我就是随便看看!