Iro And Calypso

February 3

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This iridescent kimono was so shimmery and pretty in the sun (as well as out of the sun) but since it’s winter and cold temperatures, it’s just not kimono wearing season. So pairing it with an Iro leather biker jacket was the perfect solution to be able to wear it now rather than later. Plus the juxtaposition of pairing something boho and beachy with something edgy is always something I will like to do. I’ll also always like to combine patterns so the (faux) pony hair leopard heels were the perfect option with the floral kimono. And since leopard is definitely a new neutral, I highly suggest you get a pair of leopard heels into your shoe collection if you don’t already have some. They go with pretty much everything and I’m convinced you’ll want to wear them for a long time.

Iro leather jacket / other options here + here
Calypso St. Barth kimono / similar here, here + here
Siwy jeans
Raye shoes
Chloe bag / or here

Iro jacket and Calypso kimono available at The Bungalow

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  1. This is such a chic look! I love that jacket and Chloe bag!