The Open Desert

March 29

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I completely fell in love with this line of customized jackets, and I counted down the days until mine finally came in the mail. Literally tracking the package every day. Plus, anything that gives you the option of little palm trees on a vintage denim jacket is a yes for me. So we decided to go out to a far far away spot in town to shoot this new jacket of mine, nothing out there but us and the open desert. Which is a good place for pictures and to clear your mind a bit. Because I don’t know about you, but my mind is going in every direction lately. And while I usually know where I’m going in life, I know it’s okay to get a little lost every now and then too. However, I do know that I’ll be bringing my new custom jacket along with me wherever I go from this point on.

Custom jacket by JN LLOVET
Zara shorts (old) similar here
Chloe boots
Zimmerman bag

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