Love Shack

March 22

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There are a couple of things in this post that make me happy : two-piece skirt sets by one of my favorites, and sun flare. And the metallic shimmer in this set just made the sun flare we caught even better. Little sets are great because you can wear the pieces together, or change it around and wear them separately and not feel so matchy if that’s how you’re feeling that day. I really like wearing a set together because just like with this one, sometimes it seems like it’s a dress and all one piece, but then a little bit of the top rides up and you get a peek of skin. A little mystery is always nice.

I’ve had these gold heels for forever. Like, foreva-eva. I still love them and wear them just as much today as I did years ago when I bought them, which just proves that investment pieces are always worth it.

Love Shack Fancy top & skirt
Manolo Blahnik shoes // similar here, herehere

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