Madewell X Vans

June 30

When two of my favorite things combine and collaborate, it’s going to be something I’m all over. So since Madewell joined forces with one of my all time favorites, Vans, and created special editions, my heart started racing at the sight of white slip ons with an ikat paisley print. And I have not stopped wearing them with everything from jeans to shorts to dresses. I only think it’s right to reciprocate, so in this post combined Madewell and Vans with another favorite of mine, Jen’s Pirate Booty. Some of my favorite pieces by far are from the sweet gypsy soul that is the visionary behind the bohemian brand, but this red dress is my all time favorite. It has and will always be one of my most cherished things in my closet. I’ve worn it year after year, countless times. It’s gone on every warm climate trip I’ve been on since buying it five years ago and through each of my pregnancies and everything in between. When things in your closet actually have memories attached to them, it makes for lifelong favorites that always put a smile on your face.

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8 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Always makes me smile to see you in this dress…. It would have loved a trip to italy

  2. steven molasky


  3. Tinibohimi

    I love you love this dress love Jen andove your style!! Not to mention your tan!!!!!

  4. Hi Lauren! I love your blog. I’m from Las Vegas too, and seriously I am going to have to recreate some of these outfits! Can’t wait to read more :)