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Over The Rainbow

September 30

My daughter recently had her second birthday, and we held her party at our house. Each birthday party we’ve thrown has been held at home, which brings my total to six parties that I have planned and decorated. I really love doing...

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Varying Lengths

March 25

I don’t usually wear that many skirts, and I will almost always choose a dress or pants over one. But, I thought this one that I’ve had would pair well with this short boxy eyelet top, to mix up the lengths. Anytime...

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Madewell X Vans

June 30

When two of my favorite things combine and collaborate, it’s going to be something I’m all over. So since Madewell joined forces with one of my all time favorites, Vans, and created special editions, my heart started racing at the sight of...

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The Beach Dress

April 21

I do wear this dress to other places besides the beach, however it is the absolute perfect dress to wear when in fact going to the beach. The gauzy lightweight material and fun print are all you need for a day in...

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May 10

My blog turns a whole year old today. It seems almost impossible that that much time has gone by. I can honestly still remember thinking about starting it, getting prepared to start it, picking my name (which came about because I am...

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Party In the Back

June 25

Business in the front, party in the back usually isn’t a look to strive for, especially in any situation regarding your hair. A chambray denim top however, is a yes. A plain top in the front, then turn around, and there’s a...

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Burgundy Suede Boots

February 2

I have a confession. My confession is that I’m over winter and am counting down the days until summer. Being a Las Vegas native, I feel silly for saying that since the summer months are scorching, but it’s true. I am over...

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Do You Want To Twirl?

June 9

You know what’s awesome about flowy dresses? They make you want to twirl. And really, who doesn’t want to twirl? That’s not to say that I go about my day twirling around in such attire, however if I’m going to stop to...

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Jackets And Shoes

January 27

There are pieces that I love, and then there are pieces that I really love. I mean, really, like really really. This jacket that I’ve had for years falls into that category. I’m slightly obsessed with jackets in the army green color,...

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March 13

These overall shorts have been hanging in my closet taunting me with their cuteness for a month now because it’s been too cold to wear them and have a jacket cover up the amazing circle ring in the back. But, as I...

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