A hippie's daughter

Caping It

December 23

One of my favorite and believe it or not most versatile coats to wear is the cape. Not sure if the cape is actually defined as a coat, or is in fact a coat / poncho / parka, so I’ll just say...

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The Perfect Red

December 16

It might be 45 degrees outside, but that doesn’t really deter me from wearing the perfect shade of red lace up heels. I was totally warm in the sun even with my exposed ankles and feet. That might be an exaggeration, and...

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My Pink Suede Shoes

November 30

I cannot even explain the level of excitement these shoes bring to me. I call them my Carrie Bradshaw shoes, because if Carrie were still gracing us with her fashionable presence, don’t you think these would make an appearance? I’m obsessed with...

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November 17

Faux fur season is upon us and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s cold in Vegas now and these jackets keep me nice and warm. Perhaps a little too warm on occasion, but that’s besides the point. The point is that...

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Starry Eyed

November 10

This dress, and anything with stars, makes my heart beat a little bit faster. I’ve always been drawn to all things with this pointed little shape, but a dress with stars from top to bottom is on another level. The slit and...

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Army Beaded Jackets

November 3

It’s not surprising that I own multiple army jackets, but this one however, is the first beaded army jacket to become a part of my life. And I’m so glad that it did, because it’s pretty amazing. And also heavy. It’s a...

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The Shift

October 28

There are certain sartorial pieces or shapes or textures that will always strike a chord with you. They are the pieces that you will always be drawn to, no matter where you are in life. They are the pieces that are an...

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Kaftans And Sequins

October 20

It’s been a minute since I’ve worn a kaftan of any variety on here (I think), and it’s definitely been some time since a sequin kaftan has made an appearance (again, I think.) I actually don’t remember and I didn’t go back...

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A Pink Apartment And A Black Dress

October 10

A Little Black Dress will take you far in life. (Or rather, the sartorial world. “Life” sounds a bit dramatic). You can keep it plain, or add different elements and textures, which is evident here with my favorite studded ankle boots and...

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Street Art

September 30

Hi friends, I’m back from my mini blogging hiatus. It wasn’t anything you did, don’t worry. It was all me, because life happens, you know? Besides, it’s nice to unplug from this virtual world every once in a while. This look was...

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