March 13

These overall shorts have been hanging in my closet taunting me with their cuteness for a month now because it’s been too cold to wear them and have a jacket cover up the amazing circle ring in the back. But, as I was getting my daughter dressed one day in her long overalls, layering a sweater underneath, I had a bit of an “a-ha” moment for myself, and realized that I too could layer a lightweight jacket underneath in the coming days when the weather warmed up, and finally break in my cute little shorty overalls from one of my favorite Australian brands. Seriously though, the Australians really know what’s up. They just never disappoint. And I’m definitely never disappointed when I get fashion inspiration from my 2 year old.

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riend Of Mine overalls | Madewell tee | H & M jacket (old) similar | Zara shoes (old) similar | Balenciaga bag |

photos by Danielle Debruno

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4 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Osh kosh be gosh!!! Love it!!

  2. Pia

    love the overalls! what size are you in those if you dont mind me asking? thanks x