Do You Want To Twirl?

June 9

You know what’s awesome about flowy dresses? They make you want to twirl. And really, who doesn’t want to twirl? That’s not to say that I go about my day twirling around in such attire, however if I’m going to stop to take blog pictures, I’m also going to twirl. I had to do a lot of twirling just to get a couple good pictures, so I was a little dizzy and also a little embarrassed to do so much twirling on a busy road with car after car speeding by. It’s alright though, you can’t take yourself too seriously and you gotta have some fun in life, so fifteen minutes of twirling is good for the soul. Some bright white sandals are also good for the soul and everything in your closet, so get these, you’ll love them.

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Joie sandals // Free People tunic //

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5 Responses

  1. The tunic is so pretty, I also really loved it at the Free People website. Cool you wear it as a dress!

  2. This tunic is perfection !

  3. This outfit is pure perfection! I’m so glad I found your blog :)

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